5 best tips and strategies of beating mobs in Minecrafts as of 2022

Despite being a decade-old game, Minecraft still has popularity among users and gamers. It still gets useful updates due to which items, weapons, and mobs are added with every major release. 

If you play this game more often than not, there are 5 best tips that you should know. These tips are to help you beat the mobs in this game. It will be better for you to know about Minecraft Survival Servers.

Building traps

Building traps are surely regarded as an amazing way in which you can mobs while playing Minecraft. Such traps are not required to redstone-based elaborated traps, but they can be. There are ways and means of making water cactus traps that will work too. Moreover, drops of the dead mobs do not get destroyed and can be farmed through hoppers.

Using potions

Most of the Minecraft players often overlook potions. Potions are certainly known to be useful and resourceful to say the least. In fighting mobs, potions can really play a significant role. Fire resistance potion is one such option that you can use to beat mobs. You are recommended to carry few regeneration and strength potions all the times. Then as compared to other players, you will have an advantage.

Taming a wolf

Taming a wolf is regarded as a great way to ensure your protection while playing Minecraft. A tamed loyal wolf is supposed to protect the owner no matter what. The wolf is really going to fight the mobs in order to ensure your safety and protection to the fullest. Therefore, you must consider the aspect of taming a wolf. Moreover, it does not take much to tame a wolf. All you have to do is use few pieces of bones and your job will be done.

Using Iron Golems

Using iron golems is useful and effective but this is an expensive matter. But Iron Golem is surely a great option and formidable ally for all the players out there. This is considered to be such a powerful beast that can deal up to around 32 points of damage and still come with a whopping 100 HP. This is the reason this is known to be one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft. In regard to protecting a player from other mobs, Iron Golem is certainly the best one to say the least. This is going to fight for you to the end.

Enchanted weapons

You also have the option to use enchanted weapons such as arrows etc. Once you have enchanted weapons, you will surely have a great edge to fight the hostile mobs. Such enchantments are to make things harder for the mobs to deal great damage to a player. On the other hand, sharpness and fire are known to be very powerful enchantments for their amazing strikes. If you go for these options, then you can quite easily beat the mobs. You must try to explore more on Minecraft Survival Servers.

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