Cellulite- What Is It, Its Causes, And Various Treatment

Are you facing with skin issues? If yes, then the problem that a person is facing might be the cellulite. If we talk about the term cellulite, then this is basically a skin problem in which lumps and dimples are formed on various parts of the skin. This is a skin problem that is known by different names among the people, like the cottage cheese skin, hail damage, and by many other names.

This is a problem that both men and women can face, but the ratio of the women being affected by this problem is more. Generally, 90 percent of women face with this issue at least once in their lifetime.

If a person is facing any kind of the skin issue, then the first question that arises in his mind is whether the treatment of specified disease is possible or not. For example, in the case of a person faces with the problem of cellulite, then the question that arises Does Rebounding Really Get Rid of Cellulite? There are various treatments that are available these days in order to help the person to get rid of these skin issues. Even if the person consumes less amount of fat and lives an active lifestyle, then the chances of the occurrence of cellulite will reduce to a great extent.

Levels of the cellulite

After the complete research and analysis, it has been believed that there are mainly three levels of cellulite. It depends from person to person that on which level he is precise:

  • The first level is when a person is facing with mild cellulite. In this, the person has the orange peel appearance, which has between 1 and 4 depressions.
  • The second level is the moderate one. In this, the depressions have a depth between 5 and 9. The skin of the person appears to be moderately draped with the cottage cheese appearance.
  • In case if the person is facing with severe cellulite, then, in that case, it will have the mattress appearance with more than ten depressions. Not only this, even the skin is severely draped.

Causes of the cellulite

If a person wants to get the treatment of particular skin disease, then it is a must for a person first of all to understand the cause of a particular disease.

Their no-no specific reason that is responsible for the accuracy of this skin problem. But after the complete research and analysis, it has been believed that this is a skin problem that is the result of the interaction of the connective tissue in the dermatological layer and the layer of the fat that lies just before it.

If we talk about women, then the fat cells and the connective tissues are arranged vertically; that is why the chances of the occurrence of this disease are more. On the other hand, in the case of men, these tissues are arranged in the criss-cross structure that is the reason why this disease occurs less in the case of males.

Now we will discuss some of the factors that are responsible for the occurrence of these skin issues:

  • Hormonal factor

The hormones of the person play the most crucial role in the overall development of the person. As per the theories, it is believed that in case of the amount of estrogen reduces in the body of the female, then it will lead to an increment in the fat cells. As we have already discussed, fats are the main reason for the occurrence of skin problems like the cellulite.

  • Age

Age is another factor that is responsible for the occurrence of cellulite. With the passage of time, as the age of the person increases, the skin of the person starts becoming less elastic, thinner and this also increases the chances of the occurrence of cellulite.

  • Genetic factors

Even genetic have a direct connection with the metabolism, distribution of the fat under the skin. As a result of which they will have an impact on the occurrence of cellulite.

Treatment involved

There are several treatments that are available for removing cellulite, but none of them have been confirmed with scientific research. But the American Academy of dermatology has reviewed specific techniques that will help in the reduction of cellulite to a great extent.

  • Laser treatment

This is a widely used method by people in order to remove cellulite on any of the body parts. The laser can be used either to tighten the skin or break the tissues as per the situation of the person demands.

  • Subcision

This is another method that is available as an option for people; in this method, the doctor inserts the needle under the skin in order to break the various fat tissues so that the cellulite can be reduced.

  • Acoustic wave therapy

This is the method that is quite a slow process, but the side effect of this procedure is the least. In this, with the help of the hand held devices, waves are transmitted, and the procedure is carried on.

Hopefully, you have got the answer to the question Does Rebounding Really Get Rid of Cellulite?

There are various ways that are available as an option for people in order to reduce the amount of cellulite on the skin of the person. If the person takes the proper treatment on time, then it will give him a relief to a great extent.

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