Here You Know the Efficacy of Polidocanol in Vein Treatment

When to see a vein specialist? 

This is a question that should be asked when a particular uneasiness is felt. It feels like swelling, mild pain not very deep from the skin, mainly at the limbs. Those symptoms may indicate that the person has a vascular disorder. It may be varicose veins, spider veins, or any other vascular problem.

The late 21st Century has seen a lot of advantages in medical technologies. The types of diseases and disorders have also evolved over the years. Any mild problems experienced should be reported to medical professionals. Surgeries are seldom opted by doctors to treat problems like this. Something that could not have been imagined healing in months is now healed within days. The vascular section has also received upgrades.

The technique used to heal problems like varicose veins and spider veins, occurring in significant positions, is known as Sclerotherapy. The clotting of blood is relieved by using an intravascular saline injection. But as the procedure is a bit painful, a very small amount of local anesthesia is used for safe occurrence. The commonly used one is Polidocanol.


Polidocanol, more commonly known as Asclera, is anesthesia used for vein treatments. Each mL of it contains 0.5 or 1 percent of polidocanol in water with 5 percent of ethanol. It generally has a pH almost the same as water after adding other components for adjustment. The chemical composition of it has both hydrophilic and hydrophobic chains.

Most surgeries involving the use of anesthesia have dedicated anesthetics on the team. Polidocanol is not potentially harmful. But it may cause phenomenal and allergic reactions. 

Some side effects of using it are mild local reactions at the injection site, blue-green color of skin, darkening of the skin, burning or itching, low blood supply in tissues, death of cells in organs due to low blood supply, deep vein blood clots, anxiety, hypersensitivity in the area, difficulty in breathing like short breaths, fainting, irregular pulse, swelling of the face or facial parts, swelling of limbs and genitals and stopping of the heart. Thus, the patient is kept under supervision for a week after injecting a test dose into the body.

Things to be remembered while using Polidocanol

Polidocanol is safe, provided that the anesthetist involved is extremely precise and skilled in his work. An absolute surety is needed before active usage of it. It is observed that the reactions it may cause may not be favorable to the patient after all. A strict routine should be provided before using it. This may include the intake of certain foods and medicines. Their dosage varies according to gender, age, the kind of chronic diseases one has, weight, height, etc.


Thus, when to see a vein specialist? Now, this question not only has answers but precautions too. The patient should always disclose every little detail to the doctor before treatments like this. 

Though medical technology has developed over the years, usage of anesthesia like Polidocanol should always be used with extreme precautions. Any drug used, particularly this one, can be used safely if the doctor has complete knowledge about the patient’s health. For further information, visit our company’s official website.

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