How To Make A Diaper Cake

Spring is Baby season and, in my thirties, there are a lot of people having babies around me.

Baby gifts are often on my mind out shopping and are seriously fun to buy. There’s never any objection from the kids if we roam around the toy/baby section a little.

But, sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy. If you’re in that situation where you aren’t sure what to get, I highly recommend making a diaper cake for your baby gift. I love diaper cakes, they decorate and provide all at once! Plus, it has never hurt any mom EVER to have a few disposable diapers around, especially for the size 1-2 stage. The diaper change stage that stories are made from and from which memories will forever live on.

For a family friend, I put together a simple little boy’s diaper cake gift along with this post:

How To Make A Diaper Cake.

And of course, then I needed a gift tag so I’m sharing some of those too! Free printable included for L&L exclusives!

Even a mom who is choosing cloth can benefit from back up diapers (or some for grandma’s house). We all know backups are a MUST!

How to Make a Diaper Cake.

This is a super practical gift and can be personalized in so many ways! They are easy to make but easier with a few tips:

What you need:

  1. Cake base or sturdy cardboard.
  2. Box of 100 diapers, size 1 or 2 (number of diapers will vary according to your assembly 😉 ).
  3. Small baby gifts: clothing, gift cards, blankets & toys.
  4. Ribbon
  5. Glue gun
  6. Dowel (optional, see below)

Start by making the base. For the base, this baby blanket wrapped (and pinned) perfectly around a scrap of cardboard. I’ve used cardboard cake bases before, they work perfectly. This was just a nice way to include the blanket while keeping it from getting crumpled.

Size out the “cake’s” bottom layer with diapers all facing the same direction. Try to curve them as much as possible into a circle, spreading the diapers out in the problem areas that are more tightly packed.

Loosely tie for a temporary hold. I had streamers on-hand, I used that. I found it easy to remove when I put my ribbon on.

I pulled the circle tightly then spread the diapers out to create a smoother look.

Then I assembled the diaper layers, hot gluing the decorative ribbon ends together, more tightly then the streamer was holding.

A larger bow on the bottom layer would’ve looked so good, but I ran out of ribbon. 🙁

If you have a baby toy or outfit that can roll up, or an actual dowel for up the center the cake it will be a lot sturdier. If not, you can make a craft stick dowel by hot gluing a few sticks together. You don’t want layers shifting and separating!

Are you using a dowel? Remember to hot glue it to your base!

I shopped for small baby gifts and then chose some handmade knit/crochet items I wanted to include in this cake.

I wish you could touch that puppy toy, he is super duper soft!

Then you pin…

and you tie…

…and hot glue gifts onto the “cake.” It’s as easy as that.

Plus, you can tuck gift cards into the diapers, or hide items inside! I have a mini puzzle glued to the ribbon on the back as well as knit mittens and booties (pinned).

Remember to decorate the back too! Diaper cakes should still be pretty when spun. 😉

Forget about a bulky card, a simple tag is a perfect touch for a diaper cake. But, I didn’t have any…

Baby Gift Tags.

Yeah, I had my mind set on a cute little tag to finish off the gift and couldn’t find anything that felt right so I designed these tags, to celebrate simply.

I printed onto glossy photo paper and finished with a quick spritz of glitter spray.

Go now, put spray glitter on everything! lol.

Of course, a picture can’t do glitter justice, but the extra shine adds a lot to the appearance of a gift tag.

DON’T spray the back of the tag, glitter all things but that. 🙂

A glitter surface really isn’t the nicest thing to write on.

There’s nothing like a custom tag for a custom gift to finish it nicely! Maybe you’d prefer a torn-edge paper note, it always pairs nicely with twine. The possibilities are endless for your diaper cake and your tag designs!

Please share your diaper cake creations in the comments!!

Meanwhile, enjoy these Free Printable Baby Gift Tags for your gifts!

Happy Snuggling to all the babies in your life!!

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