Acquiring a Custom Postcard for your Marketing Campaign

Formulating a One of a kind Postcard for your Promo Campaign Do you have a demand to find your own custom postcard, so that you can generate your message out promptly to your clients? Amongst tons of other choices, the direct mail postcard is plausibly one of the least expensive options to recommend your subject matter with effectiveness. What are some options that postcard marketing can bolster your company? Here are a handful: · Awareness campaigns

  • Real estate marketing postcard
  • Current product releases
  • Grand openings
  • Special sales events
  • Keeping in contact with buyers

Other announcements Postcard marketing sure has developed as one of the choice ways to speedily, and simply reach your clientele with your closing deadlines. Because postcards are usually published only on one face, the time essential to meet your order and to deliver your printed postcard is to a lessar degree if there were letters and envelopes that demanded to be published. The proportional simplicity of postcard printing may as well allow for a few rush jobs to be carried out with extra relaxation, if requirement be, to serve you to match your finishes. Another prophet to practicing this form of advertising is seen in the postcard mailing. There are 2 things about using postcards that will spare you both time and money. The first is the price – postcards cost a great deal lower to send; and the second thing is the time it takes to prepare the mailing –

You will not lose any time with stuffing and sealing envelopes. All that calls to be done is posing the address mark on, and the postage (unless it too is printed on the backside). In order to assist you best, the postcard printing association will commonly offer you a lot of services that can make this kind of promotional the worthy quality. Postcard printing services should let in the following:

1. Full color postcard printing. You can have your full color postcard printed with a full color picture on it, if you want; or, in two color. And you also have the choice of getting your postcard printed on one, or both sides – in total color. So, as far as attractiveness goes, it can have the same beauty and appeal as any other variety of publicising.

2. Personalized postcard. Here is where you can make your awareness message glint. Put your full color icon, or logo, on it, and give it that personal touch. You can also select a picture or logo as a background, and all you need to do with subsequent mailings, is to change your message.

3. Postcard design. If you are not so talented as to want to make your own, the postcard printer will frequently be pleased to support you with it. The layout operation is rather uncomplicated. All you need to do, before you call, is to find what your image should be, and the phrasing of the subject matter. If you are not convinced about nontextual matter or images, the design department can offer some tips and show you some urged examples. There are also a mixture of sizes to pick out from, to make your concern stand out.

4. Postcard mailing. The office that prints you postcards will most likely also be able to print your address labels, too. But, most plausibly, laying the labels and stamps on the postcards will be up to you.

5. Cheap postcard printing. Color postcard printing can be got for less than the cost of other publicising. There is no need to print envelopes, or extra pages of material. For exact prices on your special order, contact your printer and they’ll be charged up and ready to throw you a quote. Your postcard business is waiting to help you now with your publicising campaign. What is holding you up? Get more data about postcard marketing.

Fashionable Lamps for your house

Fashionable Lamps Right now you can brighten your room attractively with our exquisite choices of wonderful table lamps and lighting fixtures. Embellishing your house could be kind of consuming, so you should first start with the necessities. Almost everyone has a lamp somewhere in their residence, but how many people in reality thought of the ornamentation aspect of table lamps as well as the lighting function? If you have considered this, well then, you’re a step ahead of other people else. Embellishing with lovely table lamps can be fun and marvelous. With a lot of varieties, sizes and shades to look at we are totally sure that we have just the right thing for your style. If you like brilliant tones then a Tiffany table lamp crafted of stained glass might be exactly what you’re looking for. If modern is more your style then consider our variations of graceful modern lamps.

Undoubtedly you will come across a distinct collection of trendy table lamps for your home or office at our online lamp store. Largest collection on the internet of distinctive lamps for your tables! Choice lamps and lighting for your home will contribute a wonderful dash of decorative savvy to your sitting room or master bedroom. Popular for their distinct styles and mindfulness of detail, you will be absolutely sure that any Lamp by Uttermost that you acquire for your family’s house can lend charm, a sense of style, and sophistication. All of your friends will be asking about the place where you obtained your lamps! Lamps by Murry Feiss are classic in design. Murray Feiss has been a trusted favored maker of high quality personal lighting for several years. You should enjoy looking into our full collection of Feiss lamps that include very modern table lamps, lamps made of wood, and traditional style table lamps. Master bedroom lamps do not all need to be uninteresting! Just who said the Tiffany table lamps you find for your night table has to be dreary? Your bedroom should be your refuge and all the things regarding your bedroom needs to epitomize your style and emanate contentment.

If you read in your bed make certain the lamp you purchase can give plenty of light. A table lamp using a three way switch or multiple lightbulbs could be a terrific choice since it gives you the opportunity to decide how much light you desire or need. Table lamps with multiple lighting options should let you establish any mood you wish for. A nice feature to bear in mind is that wattage advised for a lot of table lamps is the maximum that can safely be used in that specific table lamp. You can always look for a lower wattage light bulb, but do not ever use a higher wattage light bulb than recommended since the additional heat from those light bulbs may easily destroy the lamp shade. Buffet Lamps aren’t simply for the buffet table! The tall and slim style of versatile buffet lamps allow them to be versatile and a fun way to lend illumination to an area that wouldn’t be suitable for a ordinary sized table lamp. That type of lamp may look stunning on a console table or even a bathroom vanity. They can even look perfect on a mirrored dresser. Position a buffet lamp on both sides of the mirror and get double the effect while the lighting reflects off the mirror. There are thousands of possibilities! What places will you incorporate your new buffet lamp?

Accent Lamps for a fashionable touch!

We all have one. That one spot in your house that just needs something, but no one knows what exactly. An accent lamp could be just what you need. Accent lamps are an excellent way to lend just a bit of lighting and a bit of personality to your room. An empty space on a shelf will seem brand new with a lighting. Or possibly you would like to illuminate that dark place on your kitchen counter. Nightstands could also be the perfect place to put an accent lamp. If you enjoy animals, then you will like our collection of stained glass accent lamps that look like bears, cats, roosters, turtles, and much more. A lighthouse lamp is fantastic if your room has a beach or nautical motif. They can be great, inexpensive gifts in the event you aren’t certain what else to bring.

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy home decorating with distinct and stylish lighting. From Mission lamps and lighting to contemporary lighting to Tiffany style, we’ve got it all! After all we certainly know that, well positioned lamps are a most crucial ingredients in creating comfort and warmth in your home. You can start your lamp shopping immediately at!

When do you need to install a third party firewall?

You already know that if you install a firewall on your computer, it will stop hackers and different malware to get into your network and computers. Firewalls, together with antiviruses and anti-spyware are some important pieces in security software, so you have to offer them the required attention. But, you may have no idea if you should install a firewall as SonicWALL TZ Series 205 or not, because you may have heard that the last variants of Windows come with a solid firewall already installed. Well, you should know that every situation is different, and according to the way you use your network and computers, you may or may not need to install a third party firewall.

When do I need to install a third party firewall?

In case you use one of the last types of Windows, then you are sure that it features a firewall. But it will do only the most important actions, that means it will block only incoming connections. Sometimes it features some advanced features, but if you do not have experience in this domain, you will find difficult to use them, because they are hidden in the interface. However, if you choose a third party firewall you will have no difficulties in controlling the applications from your PC that can connect to the Internet. When you use this type of firewall, it will warn you when an application initiates an outgoing connection. You are the one who controls the applications that can access the Internet, and who will decide what applications cannot connect. You can find this annoying, but this will offer you control on the data that comes and goes from your computer.

Why do you need a firewall?

The firewall is designed to block any unrequested incoming connection. A firewall is designed in a smart and intuitive way, so you would notice that it would block the access to network file shares when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi connection, but it will not do this, when you connect your PC to your home network. It will block the connections it considers vulnerable and it will control the access to network services that cannot be accessible with the help of a trusted network.

The Windows firewall was designed to do many of the things a third party firewall does, but when it comes to the level of protection, some of the firewalls available on the market are simply better in offering you protection. The third party firewall will notice you more often than the Windows one, on the threats on your computer, and this is why they are considered better. In case you set it, the third party firewall can do its job in the background, and not bother you with its messages. A third party firewall is designed to be a powerful tool to help you improve the protection of your computer, when you Windows firewall cannot face all the threats.

Choose Your Favorite Patio Design

Patios & Patio Design cont… Patios are much like decks in the planning stages. You must ask yourself many questions, such as what purpose will my patio serve? You must also take into consideration the summer and winter suns, airflow, and existing views. Once you’ve answered all of your questions, you can begin the design process of your patio. Patio design is easier than ever with landscaping software now available. You can create something simple to extremely complex from the comfort of your home before putting your shovel in the dirt. This will also help you foresee any obstacles and work out all details to make your patio the envy of the neighborhood

. You should consider landscaping, lighting and any other fixture that will be a permanent part of your completed patio. Also, you no longer have to hire an expensive contractor to construct your new patio. There are many do-it-yourself designs available that are both easy and inexpensive. One of the easiest types of patios for the “Do It Yourselfer” is one created from patio or paving stones. There are so many different styles and patterns to choose from. You can use small bricks as pictured above, or large slabs molded into shapes just to name a couple. Once you decide on a style, you can create unique and stylish patterns. For example, even though the stones in the above picture are generally the same size, the use of pavers in a horizontal pattern for the border creates a different effect than the vertical stones used to line the walkway.

The stones are all strategically placed to allow traffic to flow to the center. The patterns in the middle invite company to stay before leaving on another patch of vertical bricks. In general, patios are a little more formal than decks, but can easily be combined with decks and not seem out of place. For example, if you build an L shaped deck that steps down onto a paved patio, the areas are well defined. The deck portion could be used for cooking and entrance and exit to the home, whereas the patio portion could be used for comfortable seating. This ties the deck and patio together while clearly defining each areas space. It also blends the textures of the wood and stone to create a natural look that is both comfortable and beautiful. Once you’ve surveyed your yard and decided where the best place for your new patio will be, it’s time to design your patio. As previously mentioned, there are many software products on the market today that will help you design the patio of your dreams. Most of these programs are easy to use and inexpensive. They’re no longer just for professionals in the industry. When designing your patio, take everything both present and future into consideration.

For example, if your dream is to eventually add a hot tub to the center of a patio, consider leaving that area as an open space until you are ready to use it. Always remember to include benches, lighting , permanent planters, fountains and any other item that will be a permanent fixture to your completed patio design. Once you’ve designed your patio on paper or on the computer, then determine what shape you would like to fill in the patio portion of your design. Look at your surrounding landscape. What shapes already exist there? Is your home and landscape full of hard lines such as squares and rectangles, or are there softer shapes such as ovals and circles. You’ll want to choose a shape to fill in your patio based on the existing landscape. You don’t want to use circles if squares are the dominant shape in the existing landscape. If you’ll be using paver stones there are many different shapes available. You can use squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, or even odd shapes that are preformed. Whatever you choose, use that shape to fill in the portion of the patio that will hold that design on paper before you decide on that shape. You will be surprised how many shapes look different when added to the landscape in the form of a patio. Trial and error on your computer or on paper will save you a lot of headaches and hassles down the road. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the use of shapes in different directions to form designs within the patio.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to stick with one shape throughout and use that shape in different directions instead of using different shapes within the same patio. You should be able to gain the desired effect with directional use of paver shapes. Patio Design Materials Today there are so many materials to choose from for the surface of your patio. Some of the more popular are available at home improvement and landscaping centers. They can be used for the simple and complex projects alike and are not confined just to the patio. They can also be used for walkways, retaining walls and driveways along with permanent fixtures such as benches and flowerpots. Patio Paver Stones These versatile stones are made out of concrete and come in many sizes and shapes.

They’re also available in many different colors. No mortar is needed to install concrete pavers, they are held in place with course granular sand. If using pavers around a pool, they won’t be as cool as a deck, but will be cooler than other alternatives such as terra cotta and tile. Because they aren’t connected as a solid surface, they do not build up as much heat as if mortared together. However, if you’re using them for a pool area, you may want to choose lighter colors over darker ones so they don’t build up as much heat. Pavers are also a suitable product for driveways. Many people use them to cover old concrete driveways. As long as your driveway doesn’t have a lot of cracks and breaks, you can use the pavers

Smart Safety Solutions for Cyclists You Should Consider Today

When it comes to road safety, cyclists seem to be drawn towards some of the most technologically advanced solutions currently developed on the market. A habit that is increasing in popularity, this category that we find on today’s roads is more vulnerable when faced with collisions and crashes. This is one of the most important reasons you have to invest in some smart on-road safety solutions, as described below.

While many cyclists choose not to wear a helmet while cycling. There is no secret that wearing one could save one’s life. One of the main reasons identified by those who don’t wear a helmet, seems to be the helmet itself: uncomfortable and hard to store. While recent technological solutions don’t solve the size matter, they bring new capabilities that make those even better when it comes to injury prevention. Some helmets recently developed are worn like a collar, and when they identify abnormalities in cyclists’ movements and if a potential impact is identified, an airbag-like helmet is inflated. The helmet is manufactured out of an extremely durable and strong material and brings more advantages in case of collision than a regular helmet would, preventing catastrophic brain injury.

While this may not be a cutting-edge development in the road safety industry, making yourself more noticeable on the road is the best preventive measure a cyclist could take. Reflective badges come today in various shapes and sizes, can be placed in various spots, increasing cyclists’ visibility on the road, in various weather and luminosity conditions. These badges are suitable for adults and children, equally and they can prove themselves quite useful in various conditions. The expert designers at this UK Reflective Badge Manufacturer claim that everybody should seek quality in their reflective products, as those are more likely to resist the test of time in a successful fashion.

Reflective bike frames are also a cutting-edge development that could save so many cyclists’ lives. These frames come in a black colour by day and have a reflective pattern by night. Those highly concerned about their safety on the road, should definitely consider investing in one of those.

This smart solution consists of four LED lights attached to the front of the bicycle and mimics the light produced by vehicle headlights. The brake lights will also flash when you slow down which will also make you more visible at night. These lights can be fully controlled by the cyclist, which makes this an incredibly flexible and safe solution while on the road at night.

These are three solutions that change our view on road safety and how we can keep at bay and out of dangerous situations. Some smart technologies are wonderful, but keep in mind that old-fashioned reflective badges can also make you safer on the road. While you are quite vulnerable, you can make yourself seen on the road with no problems. These come in fun designs and are highly valued by cyclists of all ages.

Read What You Love Fifty Shades Of Aroused By Scarlett

With the Fifty Shades of Grey movie approaching, I’ve been seeing comments about it everywhere. There seem to be lots of opinions on whether these books are worthy of the success and attention they have received. I’m not ashamed to say that this book sucked me into a genre I was previously unacquainted with. These books were my first foray into the erotica/BDSM genre, and I was completely hooked by them, despite the criticism. There are good arguments on both sides, and I just wanted to give you a brief glimpse into some of my thoughts on the matter.

It’s fan fiction they say. I didn’t even know that when I read it, much less that fan fiction even existed. I had no idea Christian Grey started as Edward Cullen, whom I also adore. (Yeah, yeah. Judge not, lest ye be judged.) At the time, all I knew was–Christian Grey had a red room of pain, was barefoot, wearing soft jeans with tears in them, and he liked to punish her to classical music. Classical music. That’s all that matters, people.

Ana’s inner goddess was so annoying they say. Listen, I tuned that chitter chatter out the moment Christian slammed her against the wall in the elevator and kissed her. Because that’s how I want to be kissed. A kiss full of passion and unrestrained lust, preferably in an elevator.

The writing is elementary they say. Maybe so. I’ll re read To Kill A Mockingbird right after I’m finished discovering Ben Wa balls. Christian has them and this seems like something I might need.

He’s too controlling and this sets a false ideal of what a healthy relationship is to women they say. Honestly, I’m not delving that deep into it. All I know is, I am so turned on reading this book that I cannot move for fear of embarrassing myself. I had no idea that restraints, whips, clamps, etc. were this hot. I’ll seek therapy later for my apparent misogynistic enjoyment.

Ana is weak and disempowered they say. I will analyze Ana’s lack of empowerment as soon as I’m done reading about the vanilla sex Christian has with her. The vanilla sex he’s never had before, but has with her. Because that’s the power she holds over him. I am enraptured by that one simple thing.

It’s mommy porn they say. Well, sorry, but sometimes mommy needs some porn. Especially when she had no idea what she was missing out on.

Thanks to Fifty Shades Of Grey I now have a whole slew of erotica books under my belt.

  • Belt.
  • Sigh.

I read these books for pure enjoyment, and that’s exactly what they were to me; a pure unadulterated guilty pleasure. I saw a love story beyond the sex that, for whatever reason, clicked with me. I am not embarrassed that I enjoyed these books nor do I feel like they define me as a reader. They are one set of books in a myriad of books I have read. So, if you loved them like me, good on you. And if you didn’t, good on you too. I’m just glad we’re all reading.

Why Do Great Comedy Series Get Cancelled

I’ve seen too many hilarious tv shows getting canceled to not get curious about the reasons behind it. I’m talking about the shows that receive super positive reviews from the viewers, but still get cancelled. And there are probably so many more hilarious pilots that didn’t get picked up and we don’t even know about them. So i started my research, and picked Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared and Arrested Development as my test examples. Even Seinfeld, the most successful tv show of all time, was barely saved from cancellation after its first season.

The obvious reason for networks cancelling these excellent tv shows were low ratings. And low ratings were mostly caused by networks changing their time slots. When these tv shows didn’t seem to attract enough viewers, networks treated their promotion poorly, and shows ratings got even worse until they got canceled. So it is kind of similar to chicken and the egg problem. Undeclared even went off-screen for a month or two, and when it returned, it never had same ratings. So i think the networks are the problem. They should listen to the critics and when show is well liked, should focus on marketing it much actively than other poorly rated tv shows. Especially if a show is Emmy and golden globe winner like Arrested Development. David Cross, who played Tobias in Fox series, has put it perfectly : if you can’t get audience for golden globe-winning show, you should probably fire your whole marketing crew and get new one.

And main reason for watching comedies is to have a good time, but it’s not the only way. If you ever go ice fishing, you’ll need decent ice auger, and you can’t find those without reading the reviews.

Rarely, the problem is that show is too complicated for average viewer, which also happened in Arrested Development’s case. The running gags and subtle jokes were funny as hell, but even i didn’t catch most of them until i re-watched the series for second time. While on the other hand, more broadly popular tv shows have laugh tracks, which kind of serve as reminders to laugh. I personally hate them, but they seem to work well for gaining wide audience.

Even creators of Seinfeld, who took the world of comedy by storm, had to give up a lot of creative control to keep the series alive. Originally it was intended to be one camera comedy, but it was changed to three-camera and laugh tracks were added. Although Larry David, Executive producer of seinfeld, still got to make one camera comedy – Curb Your Enthusiasm. And it’s hilarious – if you haven’t watched it, i highly recommend it.

Seinfeld was saved by guy who wasn’t even working in sitcoms but in variety and specials. He saw the potential that experienced NBC executives missed. So experience can sometimes work against you – it can keep you from appreciating original ideas, the ones who don’t comply with what worked before.

Virtual addresses – why business owners find them useful

Many business owners nowadays struggle with deciding which address to use, especially when it comes to newly-released businesses. Should they choose their home addresses for all of their postal transactions or would it be better to pay for leased office spaces in order to benefit from recognition of an official business location? Well, know that you can actually take advantage of technology today and have a virtual office and websites such as can provide you more useful information. Here’s why you should consider going for a virtual office.

It is more cost-effective

One of the main reasons why business owners decide to invest in a virtual office nowadays is that it is a more cost-effective option compared to spending money on a monthly basis on renting office premises somewhere in the city. You can use that money in other purposes.

The company’s image and credibility are improved

Another great reason why a virtual office address is a must nowadays is that it helps you improve the image and credibility of your company. If you take a look at those companies that have used their home addresses as their main location for all postal transactions, you may notice that those companies do not seem quite reliable or credible and you yourself may feel reticent to working with them. It is generally agreed that perception has a great influence in business. Owning a virtual address will allow you to access a mailing address that is fully functional and with the aid of which you can conduct business.

Communication is not going to be a problem

You may start as a small company, but in time you may grow and extend so much that it may be quite difficult to keep in touch with every employee. As you move to other larger premises and expand your horizons, you do not have to worry about your virtual address because it will always remain the same. This way, your clients will not get confused when they have to send you checks, not even after you change your location.

Professional and personal are kept apart

For business owners who operate from home, the line between professional life and personal one is extremely fine and they tend to mix them sometimes. Experts advise to have a virtual address for such businesses in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from occurring. By using virtual addresses, it is a lot easier for business owners to make a clear distinction between office and home.

Finally yet importantly, a virtual address offers you access to a variety of helpful resources. Contrary to what many people believe, these virtual addresses do much more than receive and send emails. They can help you improve credit worthiness, provide you 24/7 access to every virtual office location on earth, a quiet space to work and so on.

With these in mind, you can turn the Internet into your advantage and use virtual addresses to redesign the entire workday in order to perfectly fit your needs and interests.

How To Make A Diaper Cake

Spring is Baby season and, in my thirties, there are a lot of people having babies around me.

Baby gifts are often on my mind out shopping and are seriously fun to buy. There’s never any objection from the kids if we roam around the toy/baby section a little.

But, sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy. If you’re in that situation where you aren’t sure what to get, I highly recommend making a diaper cake for your baby gift. I love diaper cakes, they decorate and provide all at once! Plus, it has never hurt any mom EVER to have a few disposable diapers around, especially for the size 1-2 stage. The diaper change stage that stories are made from and from which memories will forever live on.

For a family friend, I put together a simple little boy’s diaper cake gift along with this post:

How To Make A Diaper Cake.

And of course, then I needed a gift tag so I’m sharing some of those too! Free printable included for L&L exclusives!

Even a mom who is choosing cloth can benefit from back up diapers (or some for grandma’s house). We all know backups are a MUST!

How to Make a Diaper Cake.

This is a super practical gift and can be personalized in so many ways! They are easy to make but easier with a few tips:

What you need:

  1. Cake base or sturdy cardboard.
  2. Box of 100 diapers, size 1 or 2 (number of diapers will vary according to your assembly 😉 ).
  3. Small baby gifts: clothing, gift cards, blankets & toys.
  4. Ribbon
  5. Glue gun
  6. Dowel (optional, see below)

Start by making the base. For the base, this baby blanket wrapped (and pinned) perfectly around a scrap of cardboard. I’ve used cardboard cake bases before, they work perfectly. This was just a nice way to include the blanket while keeping it from getting crumpled.

Size out the “cake’s” bottom layer with diapers all facing the same direction. Try to curve them as much as possible into a circle, spreading the diapers out in the problem areas that are more tightly packed.

Loosely tie for a temporary hold. I had streamers on-hand, I used that. I found it easy to remove when I put my ribbon on.

I pulled the circle tightly then spread the diapers out to create a smoother look.

Then I assembled the diaper layers, hot gluing the decorative ribbon ends together, more tightly then the streamer was holding.

A larger bow on the bottom layer would’ve looked so good, but I ran out of ribbon. 🙁

If you have a baby toy or outfit that can roll up, or an actual dowel for up the center the cake it will be a lot sturdier. If not, you can make a craft stick dowel by hot gluing a few sticks together. You don’t want layers shifting and separating!

Are you using a dowel? Remember to hot glue it to your base!

I shopped for small baby gifts and then chose some handmade knit/crochet items I wanted to include in this cake.

I wish you could touch that puppy toy, he is super duper soft!

Then you pin…

and you tie…

…and hot glue gifts onto the “cake.” It’s as easy as that.

Plus, you can tuck gift cards into the diapers, or hide items inside! I have a mini puzzle glued to the ribbon on the back as well as knit mittens and booties (pinned).

Remember to decorate the back too! Diaper cakes should still be pretty when spun. 😉

Forget about a bulky card, a simple tag is a perfect touch for a diaper cake. But, I didn’t have any…

Baby Gift Tags.

Yeah, I had my mind set on a cute little tag to finish off the gift and couldn’t find anything that felt right so I designed these tags, to celebrate simply.

I printed onto glossy photo paper and finished with a quick spritz of glitter spray.

Go now, put spray glitter on everything! lol.

Of course, a picture can’t do glitter justice, but the extra shine adds a lot to the appearance of a gift tag.

DON’T spray the back of the tag, glitter all things but that. 🙂

A glitter surface really isn’t the nicest thing to write on.

There’s nothing like a custom tag for a custom gift to finish it nicely! Maybe you’d prefer a torn-edge paper note, it always pairs nicely with twine. The possibilities are endless for your diaper cake and your tag designs!

Please share your diaper cake creations in the comments!!

Meanwhile, enjoy these Free Printable Baby Gift Tags for your gifts!

Happy Snuggling to all the babies in your life!!