Pest Annihilation- Garden Defense

How many of you recall a famous Looney Tunes cartoon titled A Pest in the House? It had Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd in it where the former acted like a clueless pest and caused pandemonium to everyone around him.

There are many pests out there that we all deal with whether it is humans or animals but the ones we are discussing are arguably the biggest nuisance that includes insects.

Pests come in various forms but those that breed in our house and surroundings are a threat to society as they tend to cause many diseases and ailments so we are going to discuss certain tips and tricks on how to keep home pest free.

Pest Defender

What is pest control? That is the first thing to know about because there are certain folks that are confused about it so to clear the air it is defined as the regulation of pests that belong to the insect kingdom.

Agriculture is a broad topic that discusses open fields, crops, plants, and other things along with the role of pests in damaging them but in your home garden, it is an entirely different story.

You can defend your garden from pests with a few important steps and your plants and flowers safe from them because not only will they be damaged, the pests can also enter your house and start creating a menace that can lead to health issues as mosquito breeding gives rise to malaria.

While using chemicals, make sure that they are in the same container and never transferred to another after use especially indoors as they are only used for outdoor pests.

Pests create a lot of nuisance in the house and have to be taken care of through agricultural means like chemicals, pesticides, and medicines, which is known to all that have even basic idea about farming.

Anyone who has worked in a crop field would know that it is the farmers’ duty to protect the crops by keeping termites, insects, and crows at bay but at home, it is a different story because you may have kids living in your house and in close proximity that might become into contact with harmful chemicals present in the pesticides.

Tips and Tricks

The following tips and tricks are going to help you become a proficient pest defender:

  1. The first step is quite obvious that is to close doors and windows of the house while spraying pesticides in the garden because, as mentioned above, it can be harmful to residents living inside
  2. Termites and earthworms can enter through cracks and opening holes throughout the house so search for all of them like on the roof, doors, windows, a pipe under the kitchen sink and seal them all tightly while also repairing cracks in windows
  3. Dispose of trash and garbage the first thing in the morning by throwing it into the garbage disposal van before mosquitoes start breeding
  4. Never keep stale food and water for more than 2 days otherwise pests will start breeding on it

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