Romantic Hot Spots In The Caribbean – Know about them 

The wedding is over and the reception is starting to die down. As you make your way back to the hotel room, both of you crash from exhaustion. Tomorrow you have to get started early because your flight leaves for the Caribbean, the place made for romance. But where are the best places to go?

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Start by visiting the British Virgin Islands. This hot spot is known for its sailing. The islands are close together and the spectacular scenery will take your breath away. If you can, book a Caribbean cruise while you and your spouse wine and dine over the Caribbean culture. Soak it all in while enjoying the romantic beaches, cultural restaurants, and attractions such as The Baths (Virgin Gorda) where you can hold hands while wading through colorful coves and granite rocks. Or why not visit the stunning Anegada Island, a romantic paradise for couples where you can dive among wrecks or just enjoy the relaxing and untouched environment.

Jamaica is another spot in the Caribbean where you should go. The beaches and scenery are what make this hot spot different from all the rest. The island sits an average of 3,100 feet above sea level and is home to some of the best ethnic cuisines throughout the world. The spices make it so different, and the texture of the food makes it taste so out of this world. Make sure to travel to Kingston, which is the heart of Jamaica. There are so many attractions to see, such as Montego Bay, Jamaica’s second-largest town, where you can enjoy beaches, shopping, reggae and playing golf together, or why not visit the Island Gully Falls, also known as the Blue Hole or the Secret Falls, with its blue pools and waterfalls.

Costa Rica is another romantic hot spot. Here you will find endless beaches that host the rich and famous. The locals are friendly and charming restaurants are scattered throughout the island. If you both enjoy spicy food, this is the place to be. You can go to the Southern Caribbean, where the ocean is often as warm as a bathtub. The water is clear as day, which is so different from what most people experience. This beach is welcoming to just about anyone and it’s a fabulous place to soak up the sun. Don’t miss spending one romantic evening on the beach, watching the sunset together.

If you’re still looking for something to do, head over to Barbados. For those couples that enjoy the outdoors, this is the place to be. There are places to zip line and go on Segway tours. The islands are a geological goldmine for those that enjoy animals and nature. Explore caves, spot local wildlife, and enjoy the masterful scenery around you. Even explore under the sea and swim with the turtles while you explore shipwrecks. You won’t be bored here, that’s for sure! As a newly married couple, this is a great place in the Caribbean where you can have loads of fun together!

Finally, go and visit the Bahamas. This is the supposed site of the historic Atlantis ruins. It would be amazing to go snorkeling together with your spouse while you go and explore the ancient site. While you’re there, discover the culture and indulge in the local cuisine. There is wildlife and caves to explore, along with museums and other attractions.

Take advantage of your time in the Caribbean; you are sure to have fun! So as you crash on the hotel bed on your wedding night, rest up. You have a busy honeymoon ahead of you where you’re going to be begging your partner for a mid-day nap!

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