Smart Safety Solutions for Cyclists You Should Consider Today

When it comes to road safety, cyclists seem to be drawn towards some of the most technologically advanced solutions currently developed on the market. A habit that is increasing in popularity, this category that we find on today’s roads is more vulnerable when faced with collisions and crashes. This is one of the most important reasons you have to invest in some smart on-road safety solutions, as described below.

While many cyclists choose not to wear a helmet while cycling. There is no secret that wearing one could save one’s life. One of the main reasons identified by those who don’t wear a helmet, seems to be the helmet itself: uncomfortable and hard to store. While recent technological solutions don’t solve the size matter, they bring new capabilities that make those even better when it comes to injury prevention. Some helmets recently developed are worn like a collar, and when they identify abnormalities in cyclists’ movements and if a potential impact is identified, an airbag-like helmet is inflated. The helmet is manufactured out of an extremely durable and strong material and brings more advantages in case of collision than a regular helmet would, preventing catastrophic brain injury.

While this may not be a cutting-edge development in the road safety industry, making yourself more noticeable on the road is the best preventive measure a cyclist could take. Reflective badges come today in various shapes and sizes, can be placed in various spots, increasing cyclists’ visibility on the road, in various weather and luminosity conditions. These badges are suitable for adults and children, equally and they can prove themselves quite useful in various conditions. The expert designers at this UK Reflective Badge Manufacturer claim that everybody should seek quality in their reflective products, as those are more likely to resist the test of time in a successful fashion.

Reflective bike frames are also a cutting-edge development that could save so many cyclists’ lives. These frames come in a black colour by day and have a reflective pattern by night. Those highly concerned about their safety on the road, should definitely consider investing in one of those.

This smart solution consists of four LED lights attached to the front of the bicycle and mimics the light produced by vehicle headlights. The brake lights will also flash when you slow down which will also make you more visible at night. These lights can be fully controlled by the cyclist, which makes this an incredibly flexible and safe solution while on the road at night.

These are three solutions that change our view on road safety and how we can keep at bay and out of dangerous situations. Some smart technologies are wonderful, but keep in mind that old-fashioned reflective badges can also make you safer on the road. While you are quite vulnerable, you can make yourself seen on the road with no problems. These come in fun designs and are highly valued by cyclists of all ages.

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