The Curious Case of the Memento Jacket: How a souvenir from a trip to Japan become a trend

The bomber jacket has made a comeback. Yes, everyone has previously searched for this, but what you can find online, while it has also returned, is not precisely a bomber, but a Souvenir Jacket. Yes, you read that correctly, just like the normal and surprising gifts that the world’s most despicable people usually bring back after their travels. However, you will know what to do with this.

The key distinction between this “bomber” and the others is that it is made of iridescent fabric and is often embroidered with Asian themes. Most importantly, it was created as a keepsake, hence the name. During WWII, an American unit constructed a camp in the Yokosuka area (Japan). When the confrontation was over, and they wanted to take something home as a keepsake, they came across the Japanese Souvenir jackets or Sukujan. These jackets are historically known: Suka (from Yokosuka) and Jan (phonetic representation of the phrase ‘jersey’ in Japanese).

How to Select a Size:

Use the Size Chart with the Maximum Dimensions:

First, take a circle measurement of yourself.

2 – The most important considerations are the arms’ length and the garment’s height, which should be as near to your size as feasible.

3 – Select a size at least 1-3 centimetres larger than your measurements (Remember that you will be wearing clothes, and the garment is not elastic).

4 – Choose your size based on your appearance and comfort:

  • If you love fitting and tight clothing, choose the closest size to your measurements.
  • Select a size that allows you to move freely if you desire comfort.
  • If you prefer to wear loose clothing that allows multiple layers of clothing beneath this garment, choose the widest, respecting just the length of the arms and the height of the garment according to your body measurements.

Suggestion: – Because the jacket is reversible, you must open and close it by drawing the zipper and tightening the upper and lower ends to prevent the closure rail from becoming caught; otherwise, the adjustment is complete.

  • If the rack rail becomes stuck, bring both parts together, tensioning the ends and clearing the joint tabs so that the rail disengages from the fabric; the fabric will not split; do it rapidly and repeatedly.
  • You may make the trolley slide more readily by rubbing the zipper teeth with the side of a candle.

The issue arose when deciding which embroidered motifs would be used on each Japanese Souvenir jackets. In the middle of the twentieth century, Westerners were not very clear about the differences between Chinese and Japanese culture. Although the distinction exists, it is very fine, so tigers, geishas, almond trees, birds of paradise, and other elements associated with the Asian continent were mixed with other elements of American ideology, such as eagles, on their backs.

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