The Myths and Facts about Gay

Do you think your sexual orientation can change over time? Of course, not! It is something that is defined when a person is born. Similarly, if a person is a gay, bisexual or lesbian, it is defined when they are born. 

It’s time for them to accept the truth and be completely normal without going for any medical or therapy. It’s not a disease or defect that can be cured with any particular solution. So be aware of the things from the beginning and accept all your feelings. 

However, many people have myths about the am I gay test regarding being gay, which can be cleared out with the information mentioned below.

Myth (They are Mentally ill)


Do you also believe they can not feel the emotions? The study regarding the psychological explains that being gay has no emotional problems compared to straight. But according to the American Psychological Association, they get to have the emotions and feel them. 

They are just the normal variation of human sexuality that has nothing to do with emotions, and it is not a mental illness. But, just because of society, they have gathered tolerance and learned how to hide their identities and live in fear.

Myth (Matter of Conscious Choice)


Gay, lesbian, and bisexual are challenging to determine at an early age, but they have a sexual orientation determined from birth. This is not something a person faces at a specific period. This is predefined and has an orientation that has nothing to do with medical. 

No one can change this, and it is not a disease that has a cure. A natural process it is, and people have to accept it. However, the identity of a gay is defined by their emotions, social identity, and self-concept.

Myth (Have no Family Values)


Being gay, lesbian, or bisexual does not mean they do not have emotions for others. Just like how they can love the same sex, they have feelings for their family. 

They value their family just like the straight people and practice traditional family values. They do care about their family, support them and love them unconditionally. Moreover, they have mutual respect for their families, and the discrimination and hate do not eliminate their family values.

Myth (Treated like Minority)


there are so many problems faced by gay, lesbian, or bisexual people. Especially when it comes to having a job, they face a lot of loss. They cannot receive the services in public places and have to go through a lot of harassment. On top of that, many people who are gay have gone through murder. According to the US Department, most of the victims of the crime are homosexuals. There are no special benefits given to gays rather than they are given with the minority status.

Myth ( Straight people can become gay)


People Believe that science can change anything. There can be any medical treatment that helps people become gay and trans from their identity from gay to straight. This is not true! 

Being gay, bisexual, and lesbian is not a common term or a cold. This is defined as when a person is born. It is not communicable, and people are born with this identity. There is no valid or reliable method by which straight people can become gay according to their choice.


There are so many myths that people have made about the gay community. However, the facts are mentioned in the above information to clear those common myths. Get yourself with a clear idea about the gay community.

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