What Is Dedicated Hosting

It may be more economical to utilize shared hosting for your company’s website, but in some instances, dedicated hosting may be the best decision. With shared hosting all of the vital information needed to maintain your company’s website is contained on a server along with the information of many other websites. By sharing space on a server with others, you can pay less to have your company’s website hosted.

Sometimes it is necessary to keep all of the vital information about your company’s website (and your customers) separate for security reasons. This is where dedicated hosting comes into the picture. In this type of hosting, you lease the storage capacity of an entire server for your use only. By leasing space on a dedicated server, you can receive special, focused attention from the hosting company to ensure that your site is performing at its peak.

Advantages Of Dedicated Hosting

As one might expect, there are several advantages to leasing space on a dedicated server. If your company deals with sensitive information (customer IDs, financial info, etc.), leasing a dedicated server can protect you in several ways.

  • It often uses state of the art equipment
  • It allows you total control of your website
  • It can provide stronger security
  • The hosting company can provide focused attention on maintaining your website
  • It allows you to use specialized software if necessary

Depending on the type of web presence you desire, as well as the type of information contained on the site, dedicated hosting can provide a higher level of performance and security. This higher level of service often comes with a higher price, but for many customers the cost is well worth it.

Questions To Ask Of A Hosting Service

If you think that dedicated hosting may be the best option for your business, be sure to ask the right questions before selecting a host. While a dedicated server may offer a higher level of service, you should make sure the price is justified by the level of service.

  • What programs can I use on the server?
  • What is the speed of the server?
  • What is the amount of storage space I will have on the server?
  • How much bandwidth will I receive?
  • What type of customer service do you offer?
  • How easy is it to set up a website on the server?

If it is difficult to set up and maintain a website on a dedicated server, it may not be worth the extra financial expenditure. Likewise, if the server does not offer you the chance to use the sophisticated software that your business needs, or if it does not offer the amount of storage space your site requires, it may not be worth the financial outlay as well. Be sure to get all of the vital information about dedicated hosting from a potential provider before making a selection.

Dedicated hosting can be the perfect way to ensure that your website operates in a way that is beneficial to your business. By leasing a server that can house your vital website information alone, you can have better control of your public business web presence.

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