When do you need to install a third party firewall?

You already know that if you install a firewall on your computer, it will stop hackers and different malware to get into your network and computers. Firewalls, together with antiviruses and anti-spyware are some important pieces in security software, so you have to offer them the required attention. But, you may have no idea if you should install a firewall as SonicWALL TZ Series 205 or not, because you may have heard that the last variants of Windows come with a solid firewall already installed. Well, you should know that every situation is different, and according to the way you use your network and computers, you may or may not need to install a third party firewall.

When do I need to install a third party firewall?

In case you use one of the last types of Windows, then you are sure that it features a firewall. But it will do only the most important actions, that means it will block only incoming connections. Sometimes it features some advanced features, but if you do not have experience in this domain, you will find difficult to use them, because they are hidden in the interface. However, if you choose a third party firewall you will have no difficulties in controlling the applications from your PC that can connect to the Internet. When you use this type of firewall, it will warn you when an application initiates an outgoing connection. You are the one who controls the applications that can access the Internet, and who will decide what applications cannot connect. You can find this annoying, but this will offer you control on the data that comes and goes from your computer.

Why do you need a firewall?

The firewall is designed to block any unrequested incoming connection. A firewall is designed in a smart and intuitive way, so you would notice that it would block the access to network file shares when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi connection, but it will not do this, when you connect your PC to your home network. It will block the connections it considers vulnerable and it will control the access to network services that cannot be accessible with the help of a trusted network.

The Windows firewall was designed to do many of the things a third party firewall does, but when it comes to the level of protection, some of the firewalls available on the market are simply better in offering you protection. The third party firewall will notice you more often than the Windows one, on the threats on your computer, and this is why they are considered better. In case you set it, the third party firewall can do its job in the background, and not bother you with its messages. A third party firewall is designed to be a powerful tool to help you improve the protection of your computer, when you Windows firewall cannot face all the threats.

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