Which Is The Right Kind Of Funeral Etiquette?

Some things are just unavoidable in this long journey called life. Just like everything else, even one’s life is not permanent. So one of the most disastrous, yet unavoidable moments in life is losing someone near and dear to you. 

While sending away your loved ones on their path to their next life, it is important to send them with the best wishing flowers. The flowers that hold meaning, not just for you or but for them as well. It is also important to know if the flower you are holding has the right meaning that you are trying to convey. So here are some basic funeral etiquettes to guide you through the process.

Basic Required Etiquettes

Before buying your flower, you must know in which position you stand. Are you the closest to them? Their immediate family? Then you should know that your flowers will be going in the casket with the deceased. During such times, it is important to send flowers of love, gratitude, and courage for their journey ahead.

But if you are their family, but the extended ones, then your flowers will mostly be carried to the funeral house. So your flower basket or casket must convey strength to the family. It should also hold tribute to the deceased and show your respect to them.

Does The Colour Of The Flower Hold Significance?

Unknown to many, it is not just the flower type but also the colour of the flower that holds meaning. Especially when giving them to a funeral house. Depending on what you want to convey, you must choose flowers of specific colors. 

If it is your sympathy that you want to get across to the family, then the best choice of color will be white. Not just sympathy, they are also known to evoke feelings of peace and serenity. So, while making your funeral basket, make sure to add some white lilies to them.

Pink also similar significance to that of white flowers. But the added message from this flower will be that of respect. If you want to provide your strength to the family and urge them to get past these gloomy days, then red is the best option for you.

What Flowers Should I Add Specifically?

As we have seen the significance of color during funeral flower arrangements, it is also important to look at the specific flowers. The most common flower used during such days is the lilies. More specifically, white lilies are used to signify peace and dignity. You are sending your loved ones to their afterlife, wishing them a peaceful journey.

Chrysanthemum represents death in most countries. So be careful while arranging your flowers. If it is for any other special occasion, make sure to avoid these flowers. Also, roses are known to be the symbol of love and respect. 

But if an unfortunate event has happened to a child or an infant, it is always better to opt for daisies. They do come in different colors and each colour has its meaning. This will help their loved ones be at peace and allow them to pay their last respect to the said person. 

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