Why the Biggest “Myths” About Karma On Reddit May Be Right?

Getting karma on Reddit is an art. This is because most Redditors get there in a different way. There are probably many ways to earn karma. Still, this guide will be more specific to getting your Reddit account against the current one, meaning that you will have to get karma from people who are active on Reddit and are following their subreddit actively.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a website for posting links to stuff you find interesting. The way Reddit works is that you subscribe to any number of categories, like “science” or “politics.” Then every time someone posts a link in that category, your browser tells you about it. If you want to see more links of the same kind, you can upvote them to say, “I think this is interesting.” You can also downvote things to say that you think are not attractive.

 Reddit is a social news website where users vote stories up or down. Upvotes make it more visible, and downvotes make it less visible. The stories that are voted up tend to be engaging and well-written; those voted down tend to be nonsense or failed attempts at humor. The site was created in 2006 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. “Reddit” is an acronym for “read it now.” It started as a side project when they worked on other things, but they soon became overwhelmed with traffic and decided to let Reddit run on its own.

How to get more karma on Reddit

Karma is the most basic currency of the Internet. Like money, it’s essentially a side effect of specialization and trade, but it’s a very flexible side effect, unlike cash.

What happens is this: If you are kind to people on Reddit, some of the people who read that interaction will vote for you. Their votes are worth more than others if those people think your interaction was meaningful. You get karma when someone votes for you and others comment on it. The higher your karma level, the more places you can post links to things you’ve made or commented on, and the more likely people will pay attention to your posts. You get karma by voting or commenting on other people’s comments.

Karma is also used as a reputation system in online communities like Reddit and 4chan. If someone has a good reputation, he gets more attention from other members.

When you write a comment on Reddit, you have two choices. You can post and just let your comment sit there, or you can “upvote” it. The latter is like commenting a score: If you give it a lot of points, it gets visible to all the other commenters.

The more upvotes your comment gets, the higher up it appears in Reddit’s list of words. This means that if your comment is good enough, other people will see it and think it’s important too. Someone has to notice your comment and give it a point before anyone else does. And that someone is likely to be someone who agrees with you. So the way to get more karma is to make sure that when you come across something that disagrees with your position, the first thing people see is what agrees with their opinion or post.

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